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Q. Can the Photo Bug be used for indoor event?

A. YES! The Photo Bug is only a little over 5 feet wide so it can easily fit through any standard double doorway. However, prior approval is needed from the venue. We already have a large list of venues who have pre-approved the Photo Bug inside their venue.

Q. How many people can fit in the Photo Bug?

A. We take the front seats of the Photo Bug out during the event so there is plenty of room for 5-7 people to fit inside. It is also fun to have guest peek through the windows for some fun 'photo bomb' pictures.

Q. How much room is needed for the Photo Bug?

A. The minimum space needed is 10'x13' feet. This gives plenty of room for the Photo Bug, prop table, and for people to stand in line.

Q. What type of event can this be used at?

A. The Photo Bug is perfect for any type of event. Weddings, Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, Corporate Events, and MORE!